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The ADVANCED GROUND SCHOOL course is for the RPAS Advanced Pilot Certification.

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Course includes 40hrs online training, the FLIGHT REVIEW + AURAPILOT Software upon Completion you will become a

Certified RPAS Advanced Pilot and able to perform the following:


Advanced Pilot RPAS TP15263 Knowledge Requirements


Section 1: air law, air traffic rules and procedures

Section 2: RPAS airframes, power plants, propulsion and systems

Section 3: Human factors

Section 4: Meteorology

Section 5: Navigation

Section 6: Flight operations

Section 7: Theory of flight

Section 8: Radiotelephony


A. Pre-flight planning procedures 

B. Emergency procedures 

C. Take-off procedure 

D. Manual flight procedure 

E. Lost link procedures 

F. “Fly Away” procedures 

G. Landing procedure


1. Flight Reviewer – RPAS’s roles and responsibilities 

2. principles of evaluation 

3. pre-flight review administration 

4. flight review ground portion activities 

5. flight review flight portion activities 

6. post-flight activities 

7. flight review report completion and distribution 

8. other applicable concerns


The 6 mandatory failure points

1. failure of one item during a complete flight review 

2. failure to do an appropriate site survey 

3. a demonstrated pattern of failing to use effective visual scanning techniques is displayed during the flight review 

4. displaying unsafe flying 

5. displaying dangerous behavior that is not linked to a skill 

6. displaying a lack of training or competency



We are a Transport Cnanada Listed RPAS Flight School

The Association of Unmanned Aerospace is a organization of Flight Instructors dedicated to devevoping Top RPAS Pilots and Standards, Basic to Operator to Flight Reviewer to AURA Instructor. Offering in person & online courses.Ground & Flight training including specialties in Cinematography & Photography, Mapping & BVLOS Training. We offer online and seminars courses for individuals and groups Contact us now.



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